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Payback's a bitch.



This is my contribution for ManikaManila's Theme for the month of April.  Actually, since Robin's arrival, everyday has been April 1.  >_>




Poor Nicholai. XDD Well, lesson learned, do not mess with the blue hair. XDDD

Well played Robin. XD Sorry Nicholai, it was too funny, I laughed. XDDD
FFFFFFFFF-- hahahahhahahha! Oh lordy Little Nicky got owned.XDDDDD
Hahaha! Bloody brilliant! Sorry Nicholai xD;;;
Haha! No one messes with the do! XD
/brb dying of laughter.xD
P'WNED!!!!! Hahahahaha. Never ever mess with someone's hair color!
HAHAHAHAH LOVE IT! Kouta and Robin tag team of troublemakers!

I like Robin with black hair. Where did he get his wig? ^_^
Ahahahahaha! Nice one! XD
I wonder how long it will take for him to get out of the cling wrap :p


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